Committed to Serve South Dakotans.

Husband. Father. Police Officer. Veteran. South Dakotan.

Principled and Conservative.

Principled and Conservative.

Dan Kaiser is a resident of Aberdeen and has protected the community as a full time police officer for the last ten years. Combined with prior retail management experience and eight years in the Army Reserve including two overseas tours of duty, he understands the value of hard work has real life experience serving his community, country and fellow man.

Now it is time to serve his state. Dan Kaiser believes in South Dakota and wants to help make it an even better place to live and raise a family. Dan is a true conservative who advocates job creation and free enterprise. He will work to promote the growing business atmosphere in the state and to keep young people here with quality education and good jobs.

With ten years in the community, Dan has gotten to know thousands of South Dakotans and as an officer of the law, he enforces local, state and federal laws. From this unique perspective, he has come to understand the importance of state rights. Many federal laws, such as ObamaCare, simply do not make sense for South Dakotans and he will be a strong voice for the interests of South Dakotans.

The time has never been more urgent to have the principled, conservative people in government, and Dan is an ideal representative. Please read about the issues and help Dan represent you by volunteering and donating to this campaign.

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The Issues

I am a Constitutional Republican. I believe in a true interpretation and respect of the South Dakota Constitution and in the Constitution of the US. The rights of the individual are the key to a free and prosperous society. We should feel confident in the free market and we should always be skeptical of the unintended consequences of regulation.

Below are important issues in South Dakota.

TAXES AND SPENDING – I believe that government should be streamlined and operated in such a way that all of our citizens are proud of their quality of life and the efficiencies in their state government. I want South Dakota to be a place where people come to work within a Constitutional system of limited government. Fiscal responsibility is essential.

JOBS - I believe that we must free up our marketplace so that businesses are encouraged to create more jobs. We can do this by cutting business taxes and unnecessary regulations.

HEALTH CARE – We have not seen a true free market in health care for decades. I strongly oppose government intervention and believe individuals have the right to make their own choices when it comes to health care. I will vote for any legislation that demands the federal government stay out of South Dakota with the unconstitutional health care bill passed in 2010.

EDUCATION – Education is best served at the local level. Each community is unique and the interests of our towns are always better left to local parents and teachers. I appreciate and encourage an increase in private schools and home schooling.

SOVEREIGNTY – I believe in the rights of states to work under their unique constitutional and legislative systems. I oppose all efforts of the federal government to get involved in the decision making processes and law enforcement efforts of states. I will always work against state adoption of unconstitutional laws like REAL ID and I will never support legislation because of strings attached by the federal government. (i.e. I will not support a seat belt law to get “millions” in funding from the federal government.)

ENERGY – I support efforts to reduce South Dakota’s gas tax. I endorse measures (i.e. tax credits) that encourage the use of alternative energy.

SECOND AMENDMENT – I support the right to keep and bear arms 100%. “If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”

CIVIL LIBERTIES – Individuals should have sole control over their lives. What does not impose on the equal rights of another person should not be legislated.


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